Making & Creative Arts

Button making!

Button making! Bring a small image of your own OR draw sometehing here OR use images from our magazines!

For ages 12 to 18.

Cricut Machine

Come join us to learn how to use the Cricut electronic cutting machine. Craft TBA.

Teens 13-18 are invited to join us for a different hands-on activity every Tuesday, 4-6 PM, from 3D printing to fasion and crafts!

Please note:...

Illuminated Arts Workshop

Milk cartons, mason jars, cereal boxes, and other discarded items will be transformed into glowing works of art in this workshop. Participants will learn how to express the essence of a significant place or personal narrative through light, shadow, color, and shape. They will then create their...

Button Making

Join us in The Learning Studio and make your own buttons using colorful magazines, art supplies, and your imagination!

CREATE! at The Bridge is a program designed to create a fun learning environment to explore art and technology.  Build, design, and create using technology and your...


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