Meet a Typer


Event Information

151 3rd Street Koret Education Center - 2nd floor, San Francisco CA 94103
Jueves, Agosto 16, 2018 - 4:30pm to 6:30pm

Come make the acquaintance of vintage typewriters that are probably older than you, and yet function like new! You print as you hit the keys right onto the fresh sheet of paper. No batteries required. Learn how to load paper, type, and use all the functions. You will have time to compose what you wish in writing and learn about the history and stories behind these amazing machines, how they work, and how writings were made before computers. Machines, paper, and correction ribbon will be supplied. For ages 8 or older.

About the presenter: Edward Pollard holds a BA in English with honors from Cal State Los Angeles, and is fluent in German. He worked in magazine publishing for 12 years as an editor and taught English as a Second Language classes in Budapest for 2 years. While in Hungary he wrote the 580-page draft for his first novel, Where I Fell, on a 1912 Corona No.3 folding typewriter.