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Film: Black Nativity

A Baltimore teen rebels against his religious New York relatives during Christmas, and returns home to his friends and single mother to learn an important lesson about faith. Space is limited.

PG, 93 min., 2013. Closed captions (CC) in English.

Film: Last Christmas

A dysfunctional young woman working as Santa's elf at a year-round Christmas store in London finds her life taking an unexpectedly optimistic turn after becoming romantically entangled with a handsome and mysterious stranger over the holiday season.

PG-13, 103mins., 2019. Closed captions...

Film: Tokyo Godfathers

Enjoy Japanese snacks with fellow teens and tweens while enjoying an anime movie. A homeless trio consisting of an alcoholic, an ex-drag queen and a young runaway girl finds redemption after discovering an abandoned baby on Christmas Eve. Director: Satoshi Kon. PG-13, 92 mins., 2003. Closed...

Film: Sucker Punch

After being sent to a mental hospital for a lobotomy by her cruel stepfather, Babydoll plots an escape with the help of four other women. Space is limited.

PG-13, 110 min., 2011. Closed captions (CC) in English.


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