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Film: Captain Marvel

When a galactic war between two alien races reaches Earth, Carol Danvers finds herself at the center of the maelstrom. Space is limited.

PG-13, 123 min., 2019. Closed captions (CC) in English.

Film: M3GAN

A brilliant toy company roboticist uses artificial intelligence to develop M3GAN, a life-like doll programmed to emotionally bond with her newly orphaned niece. But when the doll's programming works too well, she becomes overprotective of her new friend with terrifying results.

PG-13, 102...

Film: Stand and Deliver

Stand and Deliver is a 1988 film based on a true story of a high school mathematics teacher. Convinced that his students have potential, teacher Jaime Escalante adopts unconventional teaching methods to help his students succeed. Directed by Ramón Menéndez, starring Edward James Olmos...


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