Social: Two-Hour Role-Playing Game — Dungeons with Dragons

Play a whole role-playing game (RPG) in just a couple of hours with us using one-page RPGs. 

Have you wanted to learn how to play role playing games but didn’t know where to start? Do you enjoy the thrill of playing these tabletop games but not the commitment of multi-month campaigns? One...

Activity: Mancala 非洲寶石棋

Mancala is one the oldest known two-player board games in the world, believed to have been created in ancient Africa. For ages 10–18. Space limited, registration required: (415)355-2888.

非洲寶石棋是世界上已知最古老的二人棋盤遊戲之一,據信起源於古代非洲. 年齡為十至十八歲. 名額有限,請預先報名. 報名電話:(415)355-2888.  


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