Live Computer Music Concert


Event Information

351 9th Ave San Francisco CA 94118
Richmond Meeting Room
Saturday, January 26, 2019 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm

John Bischoff is an internationally recognized master of live computer music. His unique sound has sometimes been described as “sonic mobiles,”  brush stroke notes suspended and turning in the air, creating fluidly evolving painterly forms. This program will consist of an introductory 20 minute slideshow by Bischoff titled “Free Association: Snapshots of an Electroacoustic Musical History,” to give insight into his many influences, followed by a 30 minute live performance of three electronic works: "Circuit Combine," "Level Shift," and "Visibility Study." These works incorporate custom analog circuitry in sonic exchange with laptop sound synthesis programmed by the composer.

John Bischoff performance photo

Composer John Bischoff (b. 1949) is an early pioneer of live computer music. He is known for his solo constructions in real-time synthesis as well as the development of computer network music. He is a founding member of The League of Automatic Music Composers, generally considered to be the world’s first computer network ensemble. He is also a founding member of legendary network band, The Hub. In 1999 he was awarded a $25,000 grant in recognition of his music from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts in New York. Most recently, as a member of The Hub, Bischoff received the Giga-Hertz Prize for Electronic Music 2018 from ZKM in Karlsruhe, Germany. He is currently the Luther Brusie Marchant Professor of Music at Mills College in Oakland. Bischoff performs his electronic music frequently on the local scene, across the US, and abroad.

All ages welcome!