Social Media Pressures and How to Be Yourself Anyway: Part 2


Event Information

100 Larkin St. San Francisco CA 94102
Mix: Carpet Garden - 2nd Fl
Tuesday, November 5, 2019 - 4:30pm to 6:00pm

Digital Media: How Social Media Networks Can Both Consume & Empower 

In this fun workshop from About Face, we will explore questions like: What do memes, TV shows, your Snapchat account, and billboards all have in common? Why does representation matter? Does your Instagram feed make you feel inspired... or stressed? Why are stereotypes still in full effect? We’ll give you tools to answer these questions for yourself. This is not a lecture! Come release your inner media expert... and discover how youth just like you are making waves & creating change all over the country.

No experience necessary. (snacks included!) All programs at The Mix are for teens ages 13 - 18.

About Face - Education Into Action - image from Summer Boot Camp

About Face - Education Into Action - making a podcast - image from Summer Boot Camp