3D Printing at The Mix at SFPL

3D Printer

The Mix at SFPL uses a Creality Ender 3 V2 3D printer for printing small projects on demand. 3D printers like the Ender-3 melt plastic filament to extrude in thin layers, building high-resolution 3D objects from digital designs.

Quick Start Guide


  • Create a free account to use free 3D design software at Tinkercad. Use Tinkercad to create your own design and save your .stl file.
  • Create your own design or download 3D models from Thingiverse open-source designs.
  • Verify the dimensions before submitting and please do not submit prints that have multiple files.
  • Send your 3D print file by email to themix@sfpl.org with the subject “3D Print.” Include your full name and library card number and your design .stl file. Save the print at the desired dimensions before sending the file. The maximum print size is 7.8″ L x 9.9″ W x 5.9″H. You will receive a confirmation when we receive your request.
  • Please let us know in your email if you have a color preference and we will try to accommodate but cannot guarantee. We currently have the following colors of filament: purple, green, lime green, army green, peach, hot pink, red, blue, black, orange, bright yellow, mustard yellow, gray and white. We also have 3 iridescent combinations: raspberry-gold, raspberry-blue and blue-green.
  • Pick up your printed design at the Mix at SFPL when you receive an email telling you it is ready. Printing may take up to two weeks or more. Pick up project within 2 weeks of printing and email notification. See our 3D Printing Policy for additional information.




Why does the library offer this service?

The Mix at SFPL provides access to new technologies for middle and high schoolers. 3D printing is a technology that supports Common Core and STEAM learning.

What type of material/filament is used?

The Creality Ender-3 uses a 1.75mm PLA plastic filament.

Is the printing only available to youth?

Yes, 3D printing services are limited to youth, ages 12-18, with a library card.

I’m a teacher at SFUSD and would like my students to receive a demo. What should I do?

Staff would love to work with you! Contact us at themix@sfpl.org.

I’m a business owner and would like to design a 3D print as a model for a product I’m designing.  Can I use your library’s services?

3D printing services are limited to youth SFPL cardholders and are not intended for organizations or businesses.