Teen Made

Dungeons & Dragons

Kids embark on thrilling in-person D&D campaigns at the Main Library!

Young heroes aged 8-12 are invited to unleash your imaginations, forge friendships, and become the heroes of your own epic tales. Let the adventure begin!

Voices of Adventure

My child loves it and it allow him to be the adventurer he has always dreamed of being.

KH, San Francisco

Very fun! And a tad disorderly...

NK, age 9

Our Teen Dungeon Masters

As part of the library's summer youth workforce development program, this team brings their passion for D&D and valuable knowledge to guide young adventurers. After completing a 6-week training with a professional Dungeon Master, they are prepared to lead young gamers in library D&D campaigns.

Our Mentors: Empowering Teen Dungeon Masters

Get ready to be introduced to our mentors, Zac Clay, a professional Dungeon Master, and Jim, a dedicated librarian. Together, they empower teens to become skilled Dungeon Masters, guiding them in storytelling, leadership, and world-building.

Why D&D for kids at the Library?

At SFPL we embrace the world of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) for children as a way to ignite creativity, foster critical thinking, and nurture a sense of community. More than a game, D&D encourages collaborative storytelling and learning for young adventurers.