Chinatown/Him Mark Lai

Activity: Hawaiian Braided Ribbon Lei Keyring 夏威夷編織絲帶花環鑰匙鍊

Make a braided ribbon keyring and learn about the significance of the lei in Hawaiian culture. For ages 12–18. Space limited. Reservation required: (415) 355-2888.

製作編織絲帶鑰匙圈,並認識花環在夏威夷文化中的重要意義. 名額有限,請預先電話報名: (415)355-2888. 年齡為12歲至18歲.

Social: Monopoly and Risk Board Games 大富翁棋盤遊戲與戰國風雲棋盤遊戲

Joining the multi-players board games including Monopoly board game and the 1980's edition of Risk board game. Monopoly is an economics-theme board game; Risk is a strategy board game. For ages 8 and older. Space limited. Registration required: (415) 355-2888.

加入多人棋盤遊戲, 包括大富翁棋盤遊戲及1980...


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